AC in today and doing a book review for the Red recently called a walk in the woods by Bill Bryson Bill Bryson is a travel writer who does also a lot of memoirs he is an American who lived abroad in England for about 20 years and then decided to bring him and his wife back to the states and live in either New Hampshire Vermont one of those places and when he got here he discovered that part of the Appalachian Trail ran through the town that he was in and he had always been kind of an avid hiker and he likes to get out and go on you know different kinds of trips and stuff so he thought it would be a good idea to try to hike the Appalachian Trail and anyone who might know what that trail is it a trail that runs along the east coast of the United States goes all the way from georgia into mean it's over 2,000 miles long but there are actually people who hiked the entire thing takes about six months to do you didn't want to do it alone though that kinda sucks so he put out a call to all of his friends everybody knows and he did get a taker on his friends even cats to the two of those guys get together and they map out their plan you know how they're going to do this and what supplies they need and they start off on the trail so the whole book is basically a very ventures on the Appalachian Trail and it is hilarious it is one of the funniest books I've ever read I would put it right up there with Bridget Jones diary me laugh out loud honestly I left out loud at certain parts of it it was hysterical and was also incredibly informative Bill Bryson has a way of talking about things that I might not have found interesting otherwise like trees and vegetation and acid rain I'm not normally that interested in those sorts of things but the way he wrote about it just really sucks me and made me want to learn more about you know different places and plants and things like that it was really fascinating that information that he put in here it was kinda like he would put in stuff from text books or encyclopedias and he would talk about it but it was in a way that was interesting it wasn't boring at all so it was kinda broken up so you would have you know days of adventures with Bill Bryson and cats and then he would go off and talk awhile about you know the area they were in or the trees or the weather things like that in a very scientific way back in force with how was written like that but i think thats be really interesting and also I listen to this book on audible and the man who read it was fantastic i really did like the sound of his voice and the way that he read things so because it was so funny and it held my interest in it was there were parts that were slower like when he was giving out so much information but even though they were slower they were still interesting I get this book 5 stars on Goodreads I truly loved it and would recommend it to anyone who's interested in hiking or the outdoors and generality like you know outdoorsy type stuff or if you like that movie grumpy old man it reminded me kind of like that because of the relationship between bill and cats I love this book so much I went ahead and bought this one is caught in a sunburnt country and it's about I believe he does he tries to do a walkabout in Australia and I can't imagine when he gets up to in Australia and the kind of stuff that can go into this book I'm sure this is hilarious also though I'm planning on starting this really really soon I'm getting really interested in the hacking books or travel books things like that so if anybody has any recommendations for other books that might be similar to this please leave it down below let me know if you're in Sioux Heike or getting outside what your favorite outdoorsy type things are to do it it's because you're into hiking or outdoorsy type stop I also have a blog channel where my only gets out and we do a lot of hikes in outdoorsy things I will we link with that somewhere down here and you can check that out if you're interested in and i'm looking from work like her like logs hikers who do laws so if you have anybody that you watch or if you do hating blogs please leave your channel down below I'd really love to check it out and we'll see you guys soon bye